Everything I Learned As A Child Was A Lie – Part I – Dinosaurs



In news that proves everything I learned as a child was a lie, a dinosaur tail with feathers was found perfectly preserved in amber. Remember the 9 planet solar system lie they taught in school claiming Pluto was a planet? Well it seems the propaganda did not stop there!!!

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No, Abortion Is Not Murder.

Let’s talk about abortion.

To be clear, this post is not tackling the questions of morality or legality. “Pro-life” and “pro-choice” arguments are not represented. This is strictly reviewing the claim that abortion = murder. In a broader sense my hope is to change the manner in which this topic is currently being discussed.

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5 Arguments (and Rebuttals) for the Electoral College

Let’s talk about the Electoral College.

I need to preface this by making a few points. First, I find it curious that almost everyone bemoaning the electoral college seems to be Clinton-leaning while those proclaiming the importance of the Electoral College seem to be almost exclusively Trump-leaning. Continue reading