About Me

I love not being eaten by sharks. I am happiest when I can improve my understanding of the world around me. I invest most of my free time in a good documentary or podcast. I can’t be friends with people who don’t use the Oxford comma.

What To Expect

I post a minimum of twice monthly usually on Thursdays. No specific theme, just whatever has been on my mind lately. Everything from coconut related deaths to social/political commentary. Most of the content I put out is fun and light-hearted but I will, on occasion, touch on serious/controversial topics. When getting political I try to focus more on elevating the level of discourse by exposing myths and logical fallacies in common arguments rather than driving a specific point of view. Some efforts are more successful than others.┬áThere are many Blogs that make multiple posts per week, simply put, I don’t have the bandwidth for that level of output at the moment. Writing does not come naturally to me (as you can likely guess if you have read any of my posts LOL), so it takes a significant amount of time for me to make any given post.