Everything I Learned As A Child Was A Lie – Part I – Dinosaurs



In news that proves everything I learned as a child was a lie, a dinosaur tail with feathers was found perfectly preserved in amber. Remember the 9 planet solar system lie they taught in school claiming Pluto was a planet? Well it seems the propaganda did not stop there!!!

I was one of the skeptics when earlier findings challenged the universally accepted image of dinosaurs (albeit with less certainty). I watched The Land Before Time and Jurassic Park. I had tons of dinosaur action figures. I read science books. I knew what dinosaurs looked like and one thing I knew for sure was that they did not have feathers. However, the evidence is now very clear and I must admit I was wrong about dinosaurs. Again.

Believe it or not, this is the second time my view of dinosaurs has been shattered. When I was a very young child, I was initially taught that dinosaurs never existed and scientists spliced elephant and chicken bones together to trick everyone (long story that I may expand upon in a separate post). Needless to say when I was finally shown the light, I became slightly obsessed with learning as much about them as possible. The thought that they used to roam around on the same planet I am on now was one of the coolest things to me (for several years I wanted to be a paleontologist)!

After spending so much time learning what I thought was the truth about them, I did not want to accept that the whole time I thought I was seeing clearly, I was really still in the dark. While this revelation was far less paradigm shifting, it goes on the very long list of lies and misinformation that filled my head as a child.

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2 thoughts on “Everything I Learned As A Child Was A Lie – Part I – Dinosaurs

  1. Forget the specifics of what the media tells you and cherish dinosaurs as you please. [Same with the planets if you favor Pluto as one.] If every day someone can blow our knowledge out of the water and/or make our credentials obsolete, then we might as well tune out, relax and fantasize as we please. Ignorance may yet be bliss.

    Dinosaurs supposedly–I mean, they say 65 million years ago, but who knows what they’ll say next year–stopped walking the planet long ago. So long ago that records of them are debatable, and everyone is out to claim they found a new species. We only genuinely know how much life has changed since Biblical times. We know people used to live 30 years and now can make it past 100 with some scientific tampering (or holy intervention). Being dinosaurs had so much time to change, it’s quite possible they went through phases of appearance. So, while the current example bears feathers in its amber, it probably had uncles and aunts that had none.

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